About Us

One Stop Solution is working in the field of Investment & Insurance Counselling & services since 2002. We conduct financial Education seminar for the benefit of all investors. As we believe that investors are largely misguided by the marketing forces operating in the field of Investment & Insurance & need to be educated. Only suitable financial knowledge can prevent wrong financial decisions (like product purchase) ultimately impacting our life.

What Makes a Great Financial Plan

Risk Assessment

We understand that no two people are alike when it comes to investing. Risk assessment is the foundation upon which investment portfolios are built & provide clear insight on the investment instruments optimal for your requirements.

Asset Allocation

We design your optimal split between equity & debt funds, based on a combination of your unique situation & leading market indicators. The asset allocation is closely monitored to create the right balance of risk vs return for your portfolio.

Goal Mapping

Aligning goals to your investments makes it 300% more likely for you to meet them. We use a high-level technology & review platform along with our proprietary goal report, so that you’re always on track to meet your goals.

Customize Roadmap

We draft a detailed financial report based on your comprehensive discussion with your Financial Planner; this serves as a critical roadmap for meeting your life’s objectives & provides absolute clarity on your investment purpose.

Portfolio Review

We conduct periodic reviews on your investment portfolio; weeding out laggards, optimizing your asset allocation & revisiting your life goals in the process. Reviews make a critical difference in reducing risk & return out performance of your investments.

Our Team