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One Stop Solution brings to you a range of simple financial solutions. These solutions are crafted by a dedicated team of experts. Our user-friendly online interface makes it extremely convenient for you to assess how much you need to invest to attain a goal. We make it extremely simple to create portfolios based on our in-depth product research. You can use your One Stop Solution online account and track your goal achievement as well as conduct portfolio analytics.


Every individual has dreams and goals that go beyond the bare necessities of life. To fulfil these, one often needs savings that have been accumulated over a period of time. Savings and investment plans help you to save your income in a systematic manner to fulfil various goals. Savings and investment plans also act as a great means to plan your retirement and to invest in your children’s future. .


Whether you wish to send your child abroad for higher education or go for a European holiday in the next 5 years, all your financial goals require you to invest in advance. Your income is limited while your needs are many. Apart from your basic and immediate needs that you may spend a considerable amount of your income on, you have long term needs that need planning in advance.

Why Should You Buy a Savings and Investment Plan?


When it comes to fulfilling future goals such as buying a new home, child’s education, retirement planning etc., savings are a must. Without long term savings plans, it is difficult to balance short term needs and future goals. ULIPs help you save systematically and help you plan for these future goals.


Unlike other investment plans, ULIP gives you the advantage of switching between funds depending upon their performance. This helps you to get a higher return on your invested amount by monitoring the growth.


All premiums are exempt from tax under Section 80C. The maturity amount received is also exempt subject to conditions under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


ULIP is a life insurance plus investment plan that offers a life cover to the policyholder. In case of an unfortunate death, the dependant family of the policyholder will still be financialy secured

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